Many companies throughout the country print personalized photo football awards for youth, high school, and college teams. As a potential customer, you probably have a number of questions in regards to where to buy your awards / gifts.

Here at, we’d like to share with you how we truly put the ‘personal’ into each and every order.  This is what we feel truly sets us apart from our competition.

  1. One on One Customer Service – From the first email received to your order shipping out, you will work with me, Rick Saf, the owner of All work is done in-house, whether it is artwork or printing.  Nothing is ever outsourced. If I wouldn’t buy it myself, I won’t ship it.
  2. Custom Designed for Free – Many companies have you, the customer, create your own designs with a boiler plate, generic design program.  You may notice that a lot of the balls featured on these various websites look very similar.  That is the reason. Our belief is that personalized photo footballs should truly be ‘personalized.’  We create the artwork proof, and email to you for your review.  Why should you have to do the work?
  3. No Hidden Fees – Some companies may charge a ‘set up’ fee, or an ‘artwork’ fee.  Not here….all prices are published on our website, and include the design work at all times.
  4. We Love Phone Calls – In this day and age of technology, the ‘personal’ touch seems to have disappeared.  How many companies can you call today where they actually answer the phone with a live person?  If you call, you will speak with me directly.   Not only do I enjoy talking with my customers, I encourage it.

Next time on the blog, we will go over the ‘4 Easy Steps’ it takes to order your very own personalized photo footballs.