Creating a ‘Picture Perfect’ award for your football players and coaches is more than just printing a photo, graphics, and some text on an authentic football. While the presentation is unique, and is a life-long keepsake, not all personalized photo footballs are created equal.

Here at PhotoBallGuy.com, we believe the following guidelines and quality standards produce the best looking photo football awards possible. Meeting and / or exceeding these settings have proven time and time again to give the best results.

  1. Photos for each photo football should be as close to 300 dpi (dots per inch) and at least 500kb in file size. This will allow us reduce or enlarge the photo as necessary within the design to create the best clarity. JPEG or PNG files are preferred.
  2. Team logos / mascots files should be at least 250kb in file size, and submitted in one of the following file formats: JPEG, PNG, EPS, PSD, AI, or PDF.
  3. Player / team information should be submitted in Microsoft Word file and emailed as an attachment to your order...

While you can order personalized photo football awards from many companies around the country, we like to create a convenient and efficient ordering process. You should enjoy assisting in the design process, while not having the stress of having to build the artwork yourself.

That’s why PhotoBallGuy.com has 4 Easy Steps to receive your ‘Picture Perfect’ awards.

  1. Submit Your Order Information
    • Photos can be sent in a number of ways. 1) Email as attachments to rick@photoballguy.com. 2) Create a folder in Google Drive and invite us to view. 3) Create a folder in Dropbox and invite us to view.
    • Send an email with the text you would like on your photo footballs awards such as player names, numbers, positions, team name, etc.
    • Provide your school’s billing and shipping addresses for the invoice.
  2. Review Artwork Proof
    • With your design suggestions, we will create a proof for you to review. Request any edits, and approve when the artwork is to your liking.
  3. Review Order
    • When the order design has been...

Many companies throughout the country print personalized photo football awards for youth, high school, and college teams. As a potential customer, you probably have a number of questions in regards to where to buy your awards / gifts.

Here at PhotoBallGuy.com, we’d like to share with you how we truly put the ‘personal’ into each and every order. This is what we feel truly sets us apart from our competition.

  1. One on One Customer Service – From the first email received to your order shipping out, you will work with me, Rick Saf, the owner of PhotoBallGuy.com. All work is done in-house, whether it is artwork or printing. Nothing is ever outsourced. If I wouldn’t buy it myself, I won’t ship it.
  2. Custom Designed for Free – Many companies have you, the customer, create your own designs with a boiler plate, generic design program. You may notice that a lot of the balls featured on these various websites look very similar. That is the reason. Our belief is that personalized photo footballs should truly be ‘personalized.’ We create the artwork proof, and email...

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