PhotoBallGuy.com / Saf Enterprises LLC was founded in Blaine, Mn. in November 2008 out of a passion for sports and a desire to preserve those “one in a lifetime” moments for high school and college athletes in a very unique way.

Years ago when I was a young athlete, there were many times when I was part of a team that earned a trophy or some other award for our performance. While it was an honor to get these trophies, pretty soon all of the ‘hardware’ started looking the same. I always thought there could be something more. Flash forward 25 years….

Finally, there is a ‘personalized’ award/trophy that is truly “picture perfect.” Whether it is a year, 5 years, or 25 years from now, your athletes can look back at their own “personalized photo sports ball” award and the memories will come rushing back. Trophies and plaques end up in the closet, photos in a book or filing cabinet. This one of a kind treasure is a lifetime display for sure.

I am very proud to design and print these special sports balls for my customers. We have served over 225 high schools in Minnesota alone and have worked hand in hand with high schools in eight other states.

PhotoBallGuy.com / Saf Enterprises LLC is completely committed to providing our customers the absolute best awards and trophies on the market today. It is our hope to work with you and your school, team, or group in the future.

  • Best regards,
  • Rick Saf