While you can order personalized photo football awards from many companies around the country, we like to create a convenient and efficient ordering process.  You should enjoy assisting in the design process, while not having the stress of having to build the artwork yourself.

That’s why PhotoBallGuy.com has 4 Easy Steps to receive your ‘Picture Perfect’ awards.

  1. Submit Your Order Information
    • Photos can be sent in a number of ways. 1) Email as attachments to rick@photoballguy.com. 2) Create a folder in Google Drive and invite us to view. 3) Create a folder in Dropbox and invite us to view.
    • Send an email with the text you would like on your photo footballs awards such as player names, numbers, positions, team name, etc.
    • Provide your school’s billing and shipping addresses for the invoice.
  2. Review Artwork Proof
    • With your design suggestions, we will create a proof for you to review.  Request any edits, and approve when the artwork is to your liking.
  3. Review Order
    • When the order design has been approved, we will email you proofs for all remaining balls in your order. Please review all for name spelling, numbers, positions, etc. Once the all proofs are approved, we will go to press with your order.
  4. Order Payment
    • Schools may be invoiced for order total with a purchase order emailed to us.
    • All other orders to be paid via credit card or electronic check upon receipt of invoice

And remember, we LOVE to speak with our customers.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 763-227-9309.  It would be a privilege to work with you.